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Hanley Center: A Legacy of Help Becoming Hope

Hanley Center opened in 1986 in West Palm Beach, Florida, as the result of one family's gratitude for addiction treatment and recovery. The story of the Center's start is one of hope and a desire to help others. This is the Hanley family's legacy to the field of addiction treatment. 

John W. (Jack) and Mary Jane Hanley moved to South Florida after Jack retired in 1982 as Chairman and CEO of Monsanto. In Florida, they discovered a prevalent need for an addiction treatment center. Immediately, they worked to gather community support for the founding of Hanley Center.

Support for the project was slow to come until Mary Jane Hanley bravely broke her anonymity and shared her story of addiction and recovery with a group of her peers. Once the community understood that addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, funding began to pour in. 

The Hanleys gathered with supporters and friends to celebrate Hanley Center's groundbreaking in 1985. Former First Lady Betty Ford gave the keynote remarks at the November 1986 opening.

With growth, Hanley’s identity was established in South Florida, and its leadership in innovative treatment was recognized throughout the country.  A goal of doubling the size of the campus to 13 acres was announced. In 2003, Hanley Center continued to expand prevention, education, treatment and recovery services. In 2007, a new Resource Center opened on 45th Street to house a large auditorium, offices and clinical spaces, and the Southeast’s largest addiction-centered media and book resource for the public and professionals.

Hanley Center is a pioneer in treatment services. As an addiction recovery innovator for more than 25 years, the Center continues to develop the best and most individualized treatments and services available. In 1991, Hanley Center became a groundbreaking leader in addiction treatment for older adults. In 1998, The Center for Older Adult Recovery opened, becoming a first in the addiction treatment industry. The Center for Boomer Recovery was another treatment trailblazer when it was launched in 2008. Hanley was among the first in the nation to introduce a women’s residential program. Gender-specific addiction treatment for men also was refined by Hanley Center's innovative staff.

In 2010, Hanley was among the first addiction facilities on the East Coast to introduce the use SPECT brain image scanning. SPECT is not only educational; it can detect the presence of brain trauma which could influence addiction and relapse.

Gate Lodge Hanley Center at Vero Beach opened in 2010 as a licensed addiction treatment center. Gate Lodge is a 12-Step Immersion program for extended care after primary treatment.

Addiction is a family disease.  Hanley’s five-day intensive Family Program was established in 2012 to provide 12-Step support to family members of those struggling with addiction. In a caring and confidential group setting, family members learn about the disease of addiction, and discover healthy ways to support the family unit and heal themselves.

Hanley Center's Outpatient Services program provides individual and group treatment for adolescents and adults who struggle with addiction. Programs including intensive outpatient treatment, evaluation and assessment, gender-specific counseling, relapse prevention, codependency treatment for families and Twelve-Step recovery groups are led by a staff of innovators and professionals.

The Hanley family continues to be very involved with ensuring Hanley Center's excellence in treating the disease of addiction. Michael Hanley, son of Mary Jane and Jack Hanley, is a long-term member of the Hanley Center Board of Directors. As Hanley Center embarks on a capital campaign for the largest expansion project in its history, Amy Hanley Rothermel's role as Capital Campaign Chairman supports her grandparents' longstanding dream to add a treatment center for adolescents and young adults to Hanley Center's campus.

Hanley Center joined with Caron Treatment Centers in the summer of 2012, creating the nation's largest treatment center for the disease of addiction. Hanley Center remains steadfast in reflecting the work of its founders and honoring their legacy of hope, help and healing. 


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