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Welcome to the Hanley Alumni Community, where you will find opportunities for support and connection to others in recovery from the disease of addiction. Every patient who has completed at least a 10-day assessment at Hanley is automatically a member of the Alumni Association.

Alumni contribute to the vitality of addiction recovery in various ways, from volunteering to participating in special events. You are welcome to join this active alumni community’s support groups, anniversary celebrations and special workshops.

Alumni often discover their own 12-Step recovery benefits from volunteering at Hanley Center.  Many alumni have found that their lives in sobriety are enriched by reaching out to others who suffer from the disease of addiction. Alumni and their families support alumni activities and inspire patients in treatment by telling their own stories of recovery.

Become involved:

  • Keep us updated on how to contact you. We honor you as being the face of Hanley.
  • Become an alumni contact for your area or group.
  • Attend alumni support groups.
  • Volunteer at Hanley after one year of sobriety.
  • Celebrate your anniversary every year at Hanley.
  • Send us your recovery story.
  • Become an alumni speaker.
  • Volunteer to help at your home group.
  • Refer friends, co-workers and family members to Hanley Center.

You may become the link to recovery for individuals and families who suffer from substance use disorder. Join a community of people who nurture and support their recovery together.

For more information, contact our alumni team at: (866) 542-6539.

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