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Center for Women's Recovery

In 2000, clinical experiences and studies on addiction in women were pointing to the need for gender-specific treatment. Hanley Center was among the first leaders in the treatment field that addressed these findings with a specific program for women's addiction treatment.

The Center for Women’s Recovery is a primary residential addiction treatment program for women ages 18-46 staffed by experienced and compassionate counselors. Hanley’s multidisciplinary team members are among the best in their fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, wellness and spirituality. Addiction and co-occurring mental and medical disorders are treated concurrently.

Hanley understands that women’s addiction is very different from men’s, because women experience different influences, challenges to treatment and relapse triggers. Women become addicted faster than men and suffer a higher incidence of dual mental disorders. Women who enter treatment also are more likely to have experienced sexual and other abuse. 

After medical detox, Hanley addresses each factor of a woman’s mental, physical and spiritual health in the development of an individualized personal treatment plan.

  • Dual diagnoses of mental disorders, including such process addictions as eating disorders, are treated during primary addiction treatment.
  • Peer support and interaction will bring a sense of connection, release and free expression to your early recovery. 
  • Evidence-based therapies include mindfulness techniques and group therapies.
  • Hanley’s propriety Hormonal Shift Assessment will bring self-care into practice.
  • Creative expression may include music, art, journaling and dance.
  • Your own wellness strategy will include exercise and fitness, nutrition, and group therapies and outings.

Wellness, group, individual and educational therapies are augmented by 12-Step introduction and practice to carry into balanced sobriety.

Accepting treatment is a big step. The relief and safety of making this decision will help individuals get started on their own recovery journey. Each patient’s continuing care plan is individualized.

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