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Best Inpatient Treatment Centers in South Florida

Dec 10, 2020

A choice to begin a recovery program at an inpatient treatment center suggests you recognize the severity of your addiction and realize it’s less likely you will sustain recovery through an outpatient program. While this self-awareness can be a helpful start, deciding which treatment center will best serve you is an important next step. Today, let’s look at what features the best inpatient treatment centers in South Florida offer.

The best inpatient treatment centers in South Florida offer comprehensive care as they’re designed to treat all aspects of a patient’s addiction. This care will involve addiction treatment, a safe medical detox, ongoing medical services, evaluation for mental health disorders or trauma potentially contributing to the addiction, recognition of abuse of multiple substances and suitable treatment, and an option for a long-term stay for individuals who have frequently relapsed after shorter inpatient programs or during participation in outpatient programs. Identifying which treatment centers provide these services will be beneficial in ensuring you have the greatest chance for recovery at a facility close to home.

What substances get abused in South Florida?

The range of substances abused by South Floridians is the same as anywhere else in the state, beginning with alcohol as the most commonly abused substance. Painkillers and benzos, often accessed as prescriptions, are on the list as well. Cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are among the other drugs routinely identified as a patient’s main addiction upon beginning an inpatient treatment program, but every drug available legally or illegally can be a reason someone seeks treatment.

South Florida’s Best Inpatient Treatment Centers on Longer-Term Care

The value in longer-term treatment for addiction comes in the success rate of patients whose health and well-being get restored by programs lasting one month or more. Frequent relapse during or following outpatient programs may be a sign that insufficient time was devoted to one’s recovery. The best inpatient treatment centers in South Florida see the value in offering comprehensive treatment for addiction lasting more than a 28-day program with a plan for continuing care for both patients and their family members to provide stability during the recovery period after the inpatient program ends.

South Florida’s Best Inpatient Treatment Centers on Polysubstance Abuse

Alcohol remains the top abused substance in South Florida or anywhere, but abuse of alcohol can be combined with other drugs. Similarly, a patient looking for treatment may abuse multiple drugs at the same time, changing from one to another only based on what’s available at the moment. The best inpatient treatment centers recognize the existence polysubstance abuse and they’re experienced in successfully addressing it from the initial evaluation to the treatment itself.

South Florida’s Best Inpatient Treatment Centers on Gender-Specific Programs

The life circumstances of women and men who abuse drugs and alcohol can differ greatly. In recovery, any common ground through similar experiences can become an important element of creating supportive relationships with people of the same gender. The best inpatient treatment centers may offer separate programs and residences for men and women with gender-specific staff to provide treatment most aligned with a patient’s goals, needs, and lifestyle.

South Florida’s Best Inpatient Treatment Centers on Medical Services and Detox

Addiction treatment at an inpatient facility requires medical attention from detox to discharge. The best inpatient treatment centers provide an on-site medical detox where medical professionals can monitor the effects of withdrawal on a patient. Throughout a treatment stay of one month or more, medical professionals on site can continue to provide care for patient’s physical well-being, including treatment of any chronic conditions and administering any necessary medications.

South Florida’s Best Inpatient Treatment Centers on Health Insurance

As a health insurance plan can be a funding option for addiction treatment, the best inpatient treatment centers staff admissions specialists who are trained in helping patients confirm coverage with their insurance carrier. In addition to pre-certifying a patient, these specialists review coverage as necessary during a patient’s stay to make sure the expected coverage for a stay is active during the course of treatment.


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