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40 Years of Recovery in Palm Beach
Treating Men, Women, and Older Adults

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Services in Florida

Spearheaded by the lifesaving nonprofit Hanley Foundation, Hanley Center’s tropical campus in Palm Beach County, Florida, offers a peaceful setting where men, women, and older adults can recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

For 40 years, our comprehensive rehab programming has pioneered age- and gender-specific rehabilitation treatment with a history of lasting success. We understand how addiction affects the entire family system, which is why we take every individual’s unique life and circumstances into account. We also provide a comprehensive mental health program separate from our recovery services for those who are looking to heal from depression, trauma, anxiety, personality disorders, and more.

Regardless of your situation, Hanley can provide lifesaving help.

Our licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment teams provide a broad range of programming, combining decades of experience and the most advanced research on the disease of addiction.

Each plan for addiction treatment includes proven, evidence-based recovery therapies delivered in the calming setting of Palm Beach, Florida. These proven therapies are designed to treat the various dimensions of health across the body, mind, and spirit.

From detoxification and medical stabilization to individual therapy, continuing care planning, and recovery support, we proudly offer innovative and effective treatment options designed by experts.

Hanley Center provides age- and gender-specific residential addiction treatment, and outpatient rehab in Palm Beach for men (ages 18+), women (ages 18+), and older adults.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Modalities & Services at Hanley Center

Age and
gender-specific programming

On-site medical and detox services, including the ability to treat chronic and co-occurring medical conditions

Neurological interventions through our Center for Brain Recovery

Residential Mental Health Program

Intensive Family Programming

A profound immersion in the timeless 12-Steps

Partial Hospitalization
Program (PHP)

In-depth continuing care and discharge planning

Outpatient Rehab

Trauma-informed treatment modalities such as EMDR

Licensed and Accredited Recovery in South Florida


Hanley’s Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Facility in South Florida

Drug or alcohol addiction is a chronic, neurobiological disease that is often complicated by other mental health conditions and medical concerns. Hanley’s integrated treatment model seeks to support chronic mental illnesses and eliminate addiction through advanced medical and clinical sciences infused with time-tested recovery principles. 

Hanley programs are accredited by CARF and licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Hanley Center is also among the first organizations in the country to be given the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) esteemed certification as a provider of Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Services.

Hanley offers exceptional medical care and fully integrated counseling, psychology, and psychiatric services for complex, high-acuity cases. Our curriculum is trauma-informed, and we provide evidence-based interventions for treating various conditions and concerns.   


Our skilled multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Therapists
  • Master’s Level Clinicians
  • Nursing Staff
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Trained Trauma Specialists
  • Continuing Care and Alumni Specialists
  • Experiential Therapists
  • 12-Step Facilitators
  • Wellness-focused culinary staff

Our Gender & Age-Specific Recovery Programs

We provide age- and gender-specific programs that address the barriers to recovery and the unique dynamics of each population. Our expert clinicians consider generation and gender in treatment programming, grouping patients based on their life stage and experience.

In 1998, Hanley Center developed the innovative Center for Older Adult Addiction Recovery, a pioneering offering at the time. Today, Hanley remains the leader in effective age-specific treatment. From young adults addicted to heroin or prescription drugs to seniors struggling with alcohol use disorders, Hanley Center offers hope and a way out.

Benefits of Age & Gender-Specific Treatment

Evidence and observation indicate that men and women have different and distinct challenges on the path to wellness. Men and women face different social pressures that can exacerbate addiction, and the effects of trauma can manifest differently as well. At Hanley Center, we want all patients to feel safe and supported in their treatment center environment and recognize that this is best accomplished among same-sex peers.

Similarly, we know that patients of different ages struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health concerns in different ways. Although every person is unique, we often share experiences according to our stage of life, such as college, marriage and parenting, and retirement.

Being at different stages of life, young adults may struggle to relate to a person with grandchildren, while older adults may feel that younger people lack experience and wisdom. Because peer support can significantly improve a patient’s chances for recovery, Hanley groups patients with peers in similar life stages.


Types of Addictions We Treat in Palm Beach

  • Alcoholism
  • Addicted patients with trauma
  • Substance use disorders and substance abuse
  • Opioid addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Benzodiazepine addiction
  • Meth addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Painkiller addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Marijuana addiction
  • Other drug addictions

Types of Mental Health Disorders We Treat

  • Co-occurring disorders/dual-diagnoses
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Codependency
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD in adults
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Complex PTSD (CPTSD)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Process addictions
  • Other mental health disorders

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