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Delivering superior intensive outpatient programs in a safe and flexible environment.

Hanley Center provides outpatient services to people who struggle with addiction and co-occurring disorders such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our team is dedicated to offering compassionate, comprehensive treatment plans that help our diverse patient population effectively manage substance use disorders.

We design the most effective treatment plan according to your medical requirements, lifestyle, and history of addiction.

Our outpatient programs are optimal for people who seek a nurturing environment that supports recovery for the entire family system. To develop an effective treatment plan, we consider your concerns and personal history and integrate the most relevant services into your recovery structure. In addition to offering addiction counseling services, we also include individual and group therapy sessions that address co-occurring disorders. Our evidence-based treatment protocols are designed to empower you with the strategies, support, and confidence necessary to navigate real-world situations successfully.

At Hanley Center, our therapists guide you through sessions that provide an opportunity for you to explore the following:

  • What you hope to achieve during recovery and management
  • Different coping mechanisms that apply to your lifestyle
  • The triggers that influence unhealthy behaviors
  • If and how family dynamics contribute to your substance misuse

Outpatient Programs

The Hanley Center team will help you select the appropriate outpatient program for your personal needs, recovery progress, and lifestyle.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization, also called day/night treatment, is designed to treat people who do not need residential services but need a more rigorous intervention than what an Intensive Outpatient Program provides. Partial hospitalization requires a commitment of 20 hours per week and offers daily medical monitoring. This treatment tier also administers medical assistance for complications that might have occurred due to chronic drug or alcohol misuse.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Hanley Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a solution that provides treatment flexibility for people who cannot participate in residential or inpatient treatment. However, it is only recommended for people who do not require an extended medical detox and for whom continual, around-the-clock monitoring is unnecessary. 

Continuing Care


Continuing care is an integral part of recovery. The continuing care planning process begins immediately after admission and evolves as the patient progresses through the different stages of treatment. The objective is to create a long-term management program that delivers organized support for those in recovery and their families. Continuing care enables patients to integrate recovery processes into daily life.

Your Path to Recovery

Everyone has a different journey to recovery, but most people seek our services along the following continuum of treatment:


Initial Recovery

Many patients seek outpatient care to prevent the progression of alcohol or other substance use disorders. Others struggle with chronic addiction and require a safe environment for medically supervised detoxification. Standard outpatient programs are offered at Hanley Center as a starting point for people seeking to manage their life’s daily responsibilities while attending to their psychological needs.

Post-Residential Counseling

If you have just transitioned from an inpatient recovery program, it’s critical to engage in consistent aftercare to manage your sobriety. Standard outpatient programs aren’t as rigidly structured as residential recovery. However, they offer intensive therapeutic support while providing the necessary flexibility for navigating family and work life.

Provider Collaboration

Hanley Center’s outpatient services provide you with customized treatment services in collaboration with your existing recovery team. If you are already working with a trusted psychiatrist, personal physician, or another recovery professional, the team at Hanley Center will coordinate with them to develop continuing care plans. This approach maintains continuity and addresses your unique circumstances seamlessly.

Hanley Center Counseling Group Room

Heal at Hanley Center

The team at Hanley Center endeavors to create an environment that supports whole-body wellness. The Hanley Center team embraces a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation that addresses physical, spiritual, and mental recovery. We strive to empower patients with the support they need to continue on the journey to recovery outside of the residential treatment setting. To learn if the Hanley Center philosophy is right for you, please contact our helpful representatives today.


Call the caring staff at Hanley Center today 561.841.1033. Recovery is possible.

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