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Since 1984, Hanley Center has prided itself on being one of the nation’s most recognized leaders in treatment for the disease of addiction.

Hanley promotes a transition from substance use to enhanced mental, physical, and spiritual health — at any age and any stage of life. Whether you have been dealing with addiction for many years or a recent life event has set off a cycle of substance use, Hanley can help. With clinically sophisticated, holistic, and individualized care, Hanley Center is dedicated to helping patients find lifelong recovery.

Spearheaded by Hanley Foundation, the largest provider of prevention services in Florida,

Pioneers in Addiction Treatment

Hanley is a pioneer in addiction treatment services. As an addiction recovery innovator for nearly 40 years, Hanley continues to develop the best and most individualized treatments and services available.

In 1998, Hanley Center became a groundbreaking leader in addiction treatment when it expanded to include care for older adults, pioneering recovery services that delivered individualized assessment and care. Today, Hanley Center applies this philosophy of individualized care across a range of age- and gender-specific addiction treatment programs for men, women, and older adults.

Treatment Begins with Comprehensive Assessment

Treating the disease of addiction begins with an assessment of every individual’s needs. At Hanley Center, we use a holistic, integrated approach that cares for the entire person rather than focusing on the patient’s addiction alone. To treat the disease, we treat the whole patient — and we recognize that every patient is unique.

From detoxification and medical stabilization to sophisticated therapies and continuing care planning, Hanley is proud to offer the most innovative and effective treatment programs designed by professionals and experts in the fields of addiction and mental health.

Hanley Center’s Treatment Services Include:

  • Age and gender-specific addiction treatment options
  • A residential mental health program
  • On-site medical and detox services, including the ability to treat chronic and co-occurring medical conditions
  • Cutting-edge neurological interventions through our Center for Brain Recovery
  • Hanley’s hallmark 12-Step immersion experience
  • Trauma therapies
  • Acupuncture and massage therapy, available upon request
  • Experiential therapies
  • In-depth continuing care and discharge planning

Recovery for the Entire Family

Addiction is a family disease. That’s why Hanley considers the patient’s entire family in its treatment programs. At Hanley, family members are involved in the treatment process from the time of admission and throughout the journey of their loved one’s recovery.

Hanley’s five-day intensive Family Program was established in 2012 to provide support to family members of those struggling with addiction. In a therapeutic group setting, family members learn about the disease of addiction and discover healthy ways to support the family unit and heal themselves. Hanley’s Family Program nurtures self-reflection and healing for the whole family in a confidential and caring atmosphere.

Hanley’s Influence Extends Beyond Residential Treatment

Hanley Center’s team knows that recovery is possible. Intensive outpatient programming (IOP) can provide a supportive and flexible environment that considers a person’s work and home life. Conducted on our campus in West Palm Beach, our IOP programs offer comprehensive treatment for people who have mental health disorders or substance use disorders that need a step down from residential treatment.

Alumni and Continuing Care

Continuing care planning, also known as “discharge planning,” is a critical component of treatment that helps patients and their families prepare to navigate life in recovery. Our detailed and organized continuing care plans provide stability for the person entering recovery and peace of mind for their family.

Each of our patients is assigned an Alumni Care Coordinator who can address their long-term needs on an individual basis. Hanley’s trained and passionate Coordinators provide guidance throughout the continuing care process and begin working with your loved one from the onset of treatment. Our Alumni Services Team offers lifetime phone and in-person support to graduates as they embark on their recovery journey.

Dr. John Dyben, DHSc, MCAP, CMHP, Chief of Research and Innovation, discusses how to heal from addiction by treating the body, mind, and spirit at Hanley Foundation’s Hanley Center.

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Hanley Center’s Early History

Jack and Mary Jane Hanley retired to Palm Beach County in the early 1980s. Following Mary Jane’s recovery journey from alcohol addiction, the couple recognized the growing need for quality treatment options.

Grateful for how treatment saved their own family, the Hanley’s turned their gratitude into a vision of hope, opening the Hanley Center in 1984 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Today, through the couple’s visionary leadership and genuine desire to help others, Hanley Center and Hanley Foundation continue to provide comprehensive treatment services that have touched the lives of thousands of patients and their families.

Relief begins today. Contact an Admissions Specialist at 561.841.1033 to get started.

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