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In 1998, Hanley Center pioneered age-specific addiction treatment when it opened the Center for Older Adult Recovery. Today, our program offers senior and mid-life addiction treatment specifically for men and women aged 60 and older.

At any age and any stage of life, we promote a transition from substance use to enhanced wellness — body, mind, and spirit. Whether you have been battling addiction for many years or a recent life event has set off a cycle of substance use, we can provide the clinically excellent, individualized care you need to achieve lifelong recovery.

Misconceptions About Older Adult Addiction Are Prevalent

Roughly one-third of older adults with a substance use disorder suffer from late-onset addiction. Significant life changes, such as a sudden illness, the loss of a loved one, or problems in relationships, can send a person spiraling into unhealthy behaviors and substance abuse/misuse.

No matter what your age, the reality is that the difference between active addiction and treatment can be loss of life. At Hanley Center at Origins, we want you to feel that the rest of your life is always worth living. Each patient’s evolving plan of care integrates advanced medical, psychological, and psychiatric therapies provided by a highly credentialed, multidisciplinary team.

Detoxification and stabilization through acute medical care is the first step in overcoming addiction. During treatment at Hanley’s Center for Older Adult Recovery, our patients begin to regain health, boost cognition, improve mobility, and rebuild their relationships. Combined with participation in 12-Step practice, our patients receive a design for living that can restore freedom from active addiction.

Elements of Age-Specific Treatment

Building a supportive community is a vital part of recovery. Clinical studies and experience show that forming these essential bonds is easier among people who have similar life experiences and perceptions. This is why age-specific care is at the heart of Hanley Center’s treatment strategy. Our program is tailored to address the shared values and outlooks of every generation. We work as a coordinated team to provide compassionate care that accounts for your past, present, and future.

Hanley Center’s treatment for mid-life and older adults

We offer age and gender-specific programs for older adults.


Medically supervised, safe, and comfortable detoxification

Detox is the first step in treatment for active addiction. The traces of drugs and alcohol that linger in the body cause cravings and dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which perpetuate the cycle of addiction. Because the body composition of older adults is invariably different from that of an 18-year-old person, we take great care to ensure that the detoxification process eliminates the remnants of substances from your body while addressing the medical concerns unique to your age and gender.

Thorough clinical, psychological, physical, and spiritual assessments

Treating addiction requires a multifaceted approach that addresses the many ways in which substance use affects each person. Our diverse team works closely with you to determine the appropriate treatment modalities for every area of your life and your health. Our model ensures that each of our patients receives what they need to heal holistically.

Chronic pain management

Substance use disorders can be closely linked to chronic pain because many prescription pain medications are addictive, and pain sufferers may attempt to self-medicate. Our expert staff has worked successfully with many of our patients to create both short and long-term tactics to evaluate and manage chronic pain alongside a substance use disorder.

A focus on peer support

Group therapy in our Older Adult program allows our patients to feel a human connection, share experiences, and polish their interpersonal skills. At Hanley Center, we strive to create a close-knit community of peers so that our patients feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable. Our age-specific program allows you to interact with people from similar generational viewpoints and who can best relate to priorities and your views on life.

Care by a preeminent medical team of psychiatrists, doctors, and nurses

Hanley’s staff is highly credentialed, with many years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. Our dedicated medical team is no exception. No matter what your age, our doctors and nurses are available to make sure your physical health is managed as you recover from alcohol and other drug abuse. We offer exceptional care for older adults who may be facing medical concerns that complicate recovery. Our on-staff psychiatrist also provides professional evaluations and treatment sessions during your stay.

Access to top-quality specialty healthcare

If you need emergency medical attention at any point — whether due to a preexisting condition or any complications that may arise during treatment — Hanley Center is conveniently located adjacent to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. St. Mary’s offers a complete range of medical specialties, including critical care, physical therapy, and cardiology.

Exercise, wellness activities, and nutrition education

Improving physical health during and after treatment provides multiple benefits for those who are managing addiction. Physical, mental, and emotional health go hand in hand, and studies show that eating well and getting regular exercise can improve confidence and can relieve mental health symptoms. Our facilities include a jogging path, walking trail, as well as a pool for fitness swimming and aqua therapy. We also offer nutrition education for brain health and vitality.

We treat the whole family

Addiction is a family disease, and treating the entire family is critical to long-term recovery. Family members can benefit significantly from the education and support offered in Hanley Center’s Five-Day Family Program.

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