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Our outcomes demonstrate that healing is possible. We independently surveyed three years’ worth of our alumni and discovered what clinicians, families, and former patients have known for years—that Hanley’s treatment works. A remarkable number of our alum entered treatment and stayed sober. We also discovered that the overall quality of life improved for a vast majority of those who completed our program.

Our Partner

For this study, we partnered with the OMNI Institute, who provided consultation and external oversight to the design, implementation, and reporting of results. OMNI Institute previously worked with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) to complete a multi-program outcomes study, and they were instrumental in the design of the NAATP Outcomes Measurement Toolkit. We are grateful for their guidance and oversight of this project.

Our Outcomes


reported completing treatment in full


reported abstinence in the past 30 days


reported abstinence since treatment


reported that their physical health had improved since treatment


reported that their most important relationships had improved since treatment


reported that their quality of life had improved since treatment

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