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“My Hanley experience changed my life.”
Since 1984, Hanley Center has been proud to help patients and their families discover a life of healing and recovery in Florida. Our alumni know that recovery from addiction, alcoholism, and substance use disorders is possible. From admission to discharge and beyond, we guide each person to develop their own unique story of hope. See what our alumni and their loved ones have to say below.

Niki T.

“What an amazing facility! I had the opportunity to participate in the program at Hanley a little over three years ago. Their facilities are beautiful and top-notch, and the approach is completely different from many of the treatment centers in South Florida. Amazing staff in all departments! Definitely my first choice to recommend to any family member or friend who may be suffering from a substance use disorder.”


“Our daughter had fought addiction for many years and had tried other treatments and facilities, each time relapsing fairly quickly. When she arrived at Hanley, she was very medical unstable and unable to walk. With the medical treatment at Hanley and intensive care in the treatment of her addiction, she has recovered physically and has been able to be clean and sober for over three years. The counselors were excellent in engaging the whole family in the process of recovery. Family Week was one of the highlights during her treatment and helped us understand the addictive behavior and its treatment. Thanks in part to the great work the folks at Hanley did with her, we have our daughter back!”

Noah M

“Hanley Center was top notch from the second I entered the gates! They gave me a vast array of tools, inspiration, and hope that was integral in me re-creating my life! For this, I am grateful!”

Patrick B.

“Hanley provides the opportunity, process, and tools to get your life back. I am so grateful and blessed that those who cared about me introduced me to Hanley. The atmosphere is one of shared progress and encouragement.”

Erik B.

“This place changed my life. I was hopeless, full of fear, and couldn’t stop destroying myself. I hated myself for the things I have done during my addiction. Hanley at Hanley gave me the gift of sobriety. But not only that, I transformed from a hopeless addict to a successful man. The therapists, medical team, counselors, Recovery Advocates, kitchen staff, housekeeping, and EVERYONE works as a team for the big picture. They genuinely cared about me. I have been to multiple treatment centers in the past and this one was by far the most complete. They have a Family Program that is unprecedented. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Hanley. I genuinely love myself now. I can look into the mirror and smile. Thank God for Hanley.”

Laura M.

“”The staff and program are amazing. We just came back from the family program and learned so much about the disease of addiction and how to take care of ourselves as a family. We spent 10 years on this horrific roller coaster but finally found the right place. For the first time, we feel very hopeful and saw a change in our son that made us feel very good about our decision. I could not be more grateful to these fine people for changing so many lives.”

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