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When one member of the family in crisis or sick, it affects the entire family. At Hanley Center, we know that when the family is involved in the process, a patient’s prospects for recovery significantly improve. Our Five-Day Family Program provides dedicated support for those with loved ones in addiction treatment.

The disease of addiction ravages the entire family system.

Our Family Clinical Philosophy is built on this understanding. Not only is the addicted family member frustrated, scared, and hopeless, but so are their loved ones. Addiction means sleepless nights worrying and arguments that keep relationships in turmoil. When a family member suggests that their loved one seek help, anger is usually the response. Effective treatment programs are needed to bridge this divide and help your family move in a healthy direction.

Hanley Center’s Family Program offers multi-day immersions which explore the disease of addiction and how it affects the  entire family. The Five-Day Family Program’s different approaches will help families better understand substance use disorders and begin to identify the dynamics within the family that may contribute to ongoing addiction.

Hanley’s Family Program provides a
lifeline for recovery support.

Your family doesn’t have to do this alone. Our family program is offered free of charge to all families and loved ones of patients in our treatment programs.

Hanley’s Five Day Family Program provides:

  • A confidential group environment 
  • The tools needed to heal and regain a sense of a better life 
  • Therapeutic, family-oriented support 
  • Open discussions in a supportive, safe space 
  • Guided communication between loved ones and family members 
  • New coping skills to deal with the challenges that may be present in your loved ones and family’s recovery 

Why a Multi-Day Family Program?

After a loved one enters treatment for addiction, most family members often feel relieved. They may feel that “the problem” is now being addressed and will soon be resolved. The question “How did we get here?” quickly dissipates. This is when it is critical that the second intervention on the entire family system occurs. Lasting recovery is significantly diminished without including the family and loved ones in the treatment and recovery process.

Family Involvement Is Essential

When addiction arises in a family system, responses from each member of the family may vary. Some exhibit surprise or shock that they too need help. Other loved ones may be angry and resistant to any new ideas. Family members must hear the message that their involvement is vital and that they too deserve their own personal recovery. Families participating in their own recovery improve their lives regardless of the patient’s choices.

Progressive by Design

A multiple, consecutive day program is crucial, as this particular component of the comprehensive recovery process for addiction is progressive by design. Insights from each day gradually build upon each other and spill over into the next day. Participation in each day of the curriculum equips family members with the resources and tools needed to have a deeper understanding of the many personal effects they have experienced as a result of addiction.

Our family counselors are specialists in dealing with issues of addiction and facilitate each daily session. Clinical techniques such as conjoint family sessions, psycho-education, and the opportunity to participate in multi-family groups are utilized, resulting in a highly engaging and effective experience.

Develop a Plan Together

The comprehensive, five-day curriculum is designed to assist the family members and patient in developing a continuing care plan unique to your family’s needs. It is this care plan that will provide the bridge for the transition from the safety of inpatient treatment to successful, long-term recovery.

A Lasting Solution

Families do not cause addiction, and cannot cure it, but they can recover, and Hanley Center’s Family Program can help.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Multiday Family Program

What can I do to support my loved one?
We become better able to understand what is going on in our own families through interaction with other families. Group or individual therapies and support teach us how to develop healthy coping skills that address our needs as well as those of our loved ones.
What is addiction?
Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by dysfunction in brain circuitry that leads to a pathological pursuit of reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.
I'm not sick. Why focus on me and my family?
Addiction is a far-reaching illness, and everyone deserves recovery. Years of clinical experience have shown that family members and loved ones of the patient often need support to address the ways they have been impacted by substance use.
What is the point of group therapy?
We are able to share our thoughts and feelings and ask questions more openly by exploring the family dynamics of others. Without anger, fear, sadness, and resentment, we see how objective dialogue assists both families and patients as they seek to understand the many different facets of the disease.
Why do I have to come?
Your engagement and involvement in this therapeutic process directly affects the outcome of your loved one’s treatment. The more equipped you are to deal with the forthcoming challenges, the better their chances for sustained recovery.
Which days are the most relevant for me to be there?
Every day is extremely important, and what you learn builds upon the day before. We ask that you commit to full participation for all of the five consecutive days to minimizing disruption to others and maximize your benefits.
How can I get access to a staff member if I have a problem?
Please feel free to call us with any questions at any time at 844.211.2109.

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