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Addiction is a neurobiological disease that affects the body, mind, and spirit. Like many other chronic diseases, it is progressive, and, if left untreated, can be fatal. But there is hope. Recovery, healing, and a life of abundance are possible.

Regular participation in 12-Step groups and ongoing 12-Step practice can provide the support and guidance needed for long-lasting sobriety. Unfortunately, many people believe that the 12-Steps “simply won’t work them.” Or, they’ve tried going to meetings but never experienced any relief through simply attending. Designed for people with addiction as well as their family members and loved ones, these groups have provided purpose and direction to millions. The philosophy of the 12-Step program is designed to help the addicted person develop a relationship with a Higher Power and learn to live with altruism and honesty. 12-Step fellowships facilitate a daily practice for healthy, sober living.

12-Step Practice and Our Own Workbooks

Our treatment culture is deeply rooted in the 12-Steps which have consistently been shown to be a solid foundation for ongoing recovery. A passionate emphasis on 12-Step practice is one of several key programmatic features that sets Hanley Center’s program apart from the majority of addiction treatment providers. Our patients do more than simply learn about the 12-Step program; they have an authentic, personal experience with the Steps themselves.

As treatment providers with 40 years of experience, we know that:

  • The 12-Steps are meant to be practiced and studied, not simply read
  • Engagement in the 12-Steps’ spiritual program of action leads to longterm recovery
  • 12-Step practice continually renews the recovery journey
  • 12-Step fellowships are spiritual organizations that offer freedom from the powerlessness of addiction or alcoholism

Our team has developed an in-depth 12-Step curriculum that features not only lectures and small groups, but a series of our own 12-Step Workbooks. These workbooks walk each patient through the 12-Step principles in a way that is immersive and engaging. We passionately bring the “Big Book” to life in a way that motivates and empowers our patients to stay sober.


A Spiritual Program, Not a Religious One

The 12-Steps are a spiritual program of action, not a religious one. Through our one-on-one engagement with patients, we teach each person how to connect with a Higher Power of their own understanding. Our carefully crafted curriculum guides patients to operate by spiritual principles such as honesty, willingness, and open-mindedness. Through group and individual sessions, we teach our patients to engage in spiritual disciplines (such as meditation and mindfulness training through Hanley’s Center for Brain Recovery) that are essential components of 12-Step recovery. Many people struggle with the concept of God or a Higher Power before they come to Hanley Center. You need not be a religious person to find fulfillment in 12-Step recovery.

Abstinence-Based Recovery

Abstinence-based recovery focuses on complete abstinence from drug use, thereby breaking the cycle of dependency and addiction. To achieve remission from addiction, complete withdrawal of all mind-altering substances, including alcohol, is necessary. Abstinence-based recovery teaches us how to live free of mood-altering substances in order to help cope with everyday ups and downs. The 12-Steps are an abstinence-based program that offers ongoing support to anyone hoping to recover.


Support for the Entire Family

12-Step recovery is available not only for people with addiction but for the entire family, as well. There are several groups based on the 12-Steps, some of which focus on the person with a substance use disorder and others which guide families in their recovery process.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the most widely available 12-Step program, and meeting times and locations can be found on the Internet. Our Alumni Care Team provides recommendations for solution-based meetings with a solid foundation of support. At Hanley Center, we familiarize our patients with 12-Step meetings during their stay and connect them with 12-Step resources in their communities.

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We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve lifelong, sustainable, and complete recovery. We know that sobriety is possible for everyone, especially through evidence-based techniques that restore mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our Center for Brain Recovery provides effective, cutting-edge care that enacts real, lasting change for our patients.

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