A Gratefully Recovered Alcoholic 

Apr 7, 2021

Alumni Testimonial, Jason

Are these promises extravagant? I thought they were until I started having the experiences that accompany these promises once they come true.

This journey all started when I decided to turn my will and power over.

I checked myself into the Hanley Center at Origins and never looked back. I did not know what I was getting myself into. At first, I was only looking for a successful way to use. My experiences started with the promises when I had my first session with my therapist.

My therapist helped me realize that I had many traumas and reasons that made me who I am today.

She and I started to work on positive affirmations, which still help me to this day, almost one year and a month later. The following experience I had that really was amazing was the interactions with all the staff at Hanley. Besides being amazing people, they understand what we are going through with the disease of addiction, and the nurses and doctors are all extremely knowledgeable.

Over the two and a half months I was at Hanley, I learned so many things about myself that I had never realized.

Armed with this knowledge of myself, I was able to turn them into strengths that I use to this day. I am thankful and grateful to all the people I have met while being at Hanley. The staff made my transition into the different levels of treatment amazingly smooth. I am one of those “first time in treatment” and not wanting to go back. Some may say I am a poster child for recovery and therapy, but I have come to learn and respect everyone thanks to Hanley Center.  

I don’t take anything for granted anymore and have come to respect that this journey is very difficult.

All the staff at Hanley made this journey smooth, but more importantly, the staff gave me all the tools I need to be successful in sobriety and ongoing support. I would not do anything different at this point in my life.


Hanley Center is a well-known care provider offering a range of treatment programs targeting the recovery from substance use, mental health issues, and beyond. Our primary mission is to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration. We offer renowned clinical care for addiction and have the compassion and professional expertise to guide you toward lasting sobriety. For information on our programs, call us today: 844-501-4673

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