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An important part of any decision about beginning treatment for addiction is how to financially prepare for it. In Florida, part of the cost of care for alcohol and drug addiction may be covered by insurance providers, including Aetna, depending on the plan chosen by the person who will be receiving treatment. Understanding how to navigate this step of the process now will help you begin a treatment program in a timely manner and avoid unnecessary payment issues later.

In Florida, a portion of the cost of addiction treatment provided at a variety of locations, including Hanley Center, may be covered by your insurance provider. One of those providers, Aetna, is accepted at Hanley Center for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, including on-site medical and detox services and both gender-specific and age-specific treatment. You will need to confirm your coverage before beginning any services, and an admissions specialist at a treatment center can help you better understand all of your funding options for inpatient and outpatient programs.

Addiction Treatment at Hanley Center

Hanley Center provides effective treatment for a wide variety of addictions, including opiates, benzos, and heroin addiction. Responding to these addictions and others requires ongoing medical care, and Hanley Center provides it beginning with a medical detox on-site and following with treating acute and chronic conditions, including cirrhosis of the liver, heart problems, and malnutrition. When discussing your specific addiction and health-related needs with an admissions specialist, you can expect confirmation of your Aetna coverage and other funding options for treatment.

Types of Addiction Treatments at Hanley Center

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Pain killers/Opiates
  • Benzos
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Crack
  • Ecstasy
  • GHB
  • Psychedelics
  • Inhalants
  • Polysubstance Abuse/Addiction

    Age-Specific and Gender-Specific Treatment at Hanley Center

    The treatment of drug and alcohol addiction at Hanley Center is built on an approach designed use the variables of age and gender to improve the effectiveness of its programs. Treatment with people close to you in age and of the same gender acknowledges some of the common ground in thinking, life experiences, and mental health concerns you may share with others in recovery. An Aetna representative can help you locate facilities in your region offering this innovative approach.

    Addiction Treatment Covered by Aetna

    In general, Aetna plans cover a variety of addiction treatments, such as detox, inpatient or residential rehabilitation, partial hospital treatment, an intensive outpatient treatment, and continuing care or alumni programs. For coverage specific to addiction treatment, you will want to log into your Aetna member account to view the details of your plan. You can also search the site for a list of treatment providers for substance abuse and addiction within your network as well as out-of-network providers.

    Confirming Addiction Treatment Coverage through Aetna

    While confirming your Aetna coverage can be done by phone or online, many treatment facilities, such as Hanley Center, provide admissions specialists who are trained to assist with health insurance coverage confirmation and self-paying options prior to the beginning of treatment. This is an integral part of the pre-admissions process, which also includes determining if Hanley Center is appropriate for the kind of addiction treatment you need. During your stay in an inpatient program, these same specialists can communicate with your insurance carrier, as necessary. 


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