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Hanley Center Opens Residential Mental Health Program

May 25, 2022

WEST PALM BEACH – Hanley Center is pleased to announce the opening of its Mental Health Program on May 30, 2022. This valuable new program will meet the critical need for residential treatment for people who do not identify as having substance use disorders.

Like any other illness, mental illness can improve with proper treatment.

For over 35 years, men, women, and older adults have traveled to Hanley Center from across the country to be treated by world-class therapists, physicians, and nurses. At Hanley, patients examine all dimensions of psychological, biological, social, and spiritual wellness to fully address their unique challenges, issues, and strengths. The addition of a designated mental health residential program will expand the reach of Hanley’s care.

Executive Director Deb Kuzmin is a master’s level therapist, licensed clinical social worker, and certified addiction specialist who understands mental health’s impact on adults, older adults, and their family systems. Since 1996, she has dedicated her entire career to studying and treating substance use and mental health issues.

“We noticed a pattern in individuals seeking help that many needed a place to stabilize in a residential facility specifically for mental health. This program is a real opportunity for us to fill a need in the community and create a space for individuals with mental health struggles to stabilize,” says Kuzmin.

Whether patients are seeking initial treatment or looking for new options, Hanley Center respects everyone’s journey. Kuzmin and her team celebrate progress, comfort patients and families during their darkest moments, and challenge everyone to get the most out of treatment. The program’s holistic and coordinated approach treats each person with compassion. Professionals take the time to evaluate each patient, affirm or update a diagnosis, and create personalized treatment plans for total recovery.

The new Mental Health Program is an intimate experience, with only eight available beds, so patients can experience the time and attention they deserve.

The goal is to help adults and older adults successfully transition back to lives, homes, families, and careers with a newfound sense of self-worth, direction, and control. Its comprehensive clinical approach focuses on long-term recovery and addresses trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and substance use disorders.

Comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms feature television, internet, and a shared common space for relaxation. Private single suites are also available. The program’s dedicated space is separate from the rest of Hanley Center’s programming and has its own 24/7 nursing and medical care unit to enhance privacy and confidentiality. Massage facilities, acupuncture, physical therapies, a walking trail, a tranquil healing garden, and a pool are all available on the main campus.

Clinical Director Anna Lisa De Lima completed her Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision, specializing in trauma and crisis. She is a licensed mental health counselor and a nationally certified counselor. She utilizes a variety of evidence-based protocols in the treatment of mental health disorders, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and other trauma-informed interventions. De Lima and her clinical team utilize expressive therapies, motivational interviewing, medication management, neurofeedback and biofeedback, and psychological testing through the Center for Brain Recovery.

De Lima says, “One of the struggles that mental health patients often experience is finding good continuing care after leaving a residential or stabilization program. We are excited that once patients leave our residential program, we will be able to offer ongoing services that can help patients continue the journey they started with a team they feel safe with and have grown to trust.”

Patients in the Mental Health Program will learn vital coping skills to help navigate work-related stress and burnout, the challenges of parental, family, and social relationships, financial pressures, grief and loss, and other medical diagnoses and health conditions. A dedicated case manager is prepared to help coordinate the details of life after departing Hanley Center’s care from day one. This plan may include individual therapy, ongoing family support, marriage or couples counseling, psychiatric referrals, medication management, and self-care techniques to ensure a safe recovery environment.

Hanley Center is a well-known care provider offering a range of treatment programs targeting the recovery from substance use, mental health issues, and beyond. Our primary mission is to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration. For information on our programs, call us today: 561-841-1033.


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