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Hanley Prepared Me for Life After Treatment | Alumni Testimonial

Nov 2, 2020

Hanley Center Alum – Brian G.

After a seven day-long trip to the hospital via an ambulance, I was finally granted permission to enter the D-unit. After a few days of adjusting to the unit, I was handed a paper that gave me the time and place to meet my therapist and develop a treatment plan. I’ve been to treatment centers before, from Virginia to Texas, to Florida, and I wanted this to be the one that helped me see what I was missing. I was ready, and I surrendered.

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Quite frankly, Hanley Center was an oasis to recover in!

I waited outside my therapist’s door until it was time to go in, sit down, and listen to what the treatment team would suggest as a program during my stay. Little did my therapist know, I was willing to stay as long as it took. As I sat down, her first sentence was, “Well, Brian, let’s start planning for when you leave!”

“I just met you. I just walked into your in office. Are you serious?” I replied.

Today, I understand why she did that, and I can’t thank Hanley enough for doing the job of preparing me for the day I walked out.

When I left, I had a recovery plan, and Hanley helped me:

1) Know exactly where I was going for sober living

2) Understand what local meetings to go to at what times. (They even taught me to make sure that I raised my hand at the meeting and let the people around me know that I just left treatment.)

3) Meet a 12-Step contact who could help me. I even called my sponsor while in treatment to set up a meeting.

4) Set up doctor’s appointments

5) Put in place financial agreement with family and allowance.

90 days later, I was ready. My stay included a lot of Big Book studies, one-on-one meetings with Bart Ross, my D-unit therapist, and Recovery Advocate, Ashley. I learned about meditation and the parasympathetic nervous system. The weekend groups with Eric were always so intuitive and eye-opening. There’s so much more that was important to my stay, but I don’t have space to list it all.

It is a wonderful feeling to know someone cares.

From the Kitchen Staff to Dr. Sue and the Clinical Director, I knew that the people at Hanley cared and that they wanted me to succeed! (If you don’t believe me, go to Fellowship Friday. It’s like a high school pep rally for a state championship football team!)

Yes, Hanley, you get it. You prepared me well for the last 17 months.

My thanks to you and all the other team members I left out. I look forward to returning for a friendly, sober visit one day soon.



About Hanley Center

Hanley Center is a well-known care provider offering a range of treatment programs targeting the recovery from substance use, mental health issues, and beyond. Our primary mission is to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration. We offer renowned clinical care and have the compassion and professional expertise to guide you toward lasting recovery.

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