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The Holiday Season

Dec 2, 2021

Kellye DeBerry, MA | Alumni Care Coordinator

At the holidays, I always reflect on how grateful I am for everyone and everything I have in my life, thanks to the recovery program.

During my addiction, I dreaded the holiday season.

I knew that I would be forced to spend time with people instead of being isolated at home, drinking all day. Most of the time, I didn’t bother to show up to be with my family, and when I did, I was counting the minutes before I could leave.

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I would be crawling out of my skin until I could go home and drink myself into oblivion.

Almost seven years ago, my family had enough of my drinking and drugging around this time of year. They asked that I seek help and go to treatment. I see now what a blessing that was.

I thank God I arrived at the Hanley Center!

At Hanley, I was given the tools to live a sober, rich, and full life. I was taught about the 12-Steps, giving me a spiritual solution to what the real problem was.

I got connected to amazing friends.

I reconnected with my family, who participated in the family program, which provided a thorough education on the disease of addiction. This made such a difference.

Thanks to the amazing family counselors on staff, I was given a chance to repair some of the damage my drinking had caused.

My family was able to heal while I was in treatment, which is a gift I will never be able to repay.

Today I enjoy my family time. In fact, after getting married this year, my family has grown, which is another blessing! This holiday, I look forward to spending every moment I can with those I love.


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